A Lawyer Is Not Always Necessary For Bail Bonds In Cypress

Nobody who has ever been arrested for a crime and held in jail, will tell you it is fun. A defendant would rather be anywhere than in jail. Unfortunately, more and more people are finding themselves in this position so therefore bail bonds have become an extremely popular and effective means to secure a defendant’s freedom until their court case.

When someone receives a phone call from someone who is in jail, they may think they need to call an attorney for assistance. What if the defendant was arrested late at night, or on a weekend? You will either be incurring a lot of charges for their out of office time, or you will have to wait until a law office opens to get any assistance. This is not very helpful for those seeking immediate assistance. Having to wait also means the loved one will have to remain in custody until assistance can be found.

While some people may choose to wait until they can get hold of an attorney, others prefer to get the release process started immediately in order to have the defendant released as soon as possible. The fastest way to achieve this is to call Cypress Bail Bonds.

When calling our bail bonds company for assistance, there is some important information you need to provide to have the release process started as soon as possible. Firstly, the defendant’s full legal name. They will have been arrested and booked under their full legal name. Secondly, where they are being held, as well as what they have been charged with. This will aid Cypress Bail Bonds to determine what the bail is, and how much their bail bonds fee will be.

All bail bonds firms must by law, charge 10% of the total amount of bail for their non-refundable fee. This is mandated by the California Department of Insurance. Be very wary of any bail bonds company, or agent offering a smaller percentage. They could very well be operating illegally.

Cypress Bail Bonds will even work in with qualifying clients seeking a workable payment plan for this fee. If any other collateral is required to secure the bail bond for the defendant, it is imperative that all the terms and conditions of the bail bonds agreement are adhered to. If you are the co-signer paying on behalf of the defendant, you will also become legally responsible to ensure that the defendant attends each and every required court date/s.

When all necessary paperwork has been filled out, and the bail bonds fee paid or organized, our bail bonds company will post bail on behalf of the defendant. The defendant will then be able to leave custody and return home to their family, and lives until their court appearance. This is extremely beneficial for the defendant, and their family as the defendant can resume their normal lives, as well as continue with their employment and prepare their defense.

You do not need an attorney to get a bail bond. It is of course up to you. If you want fast action without having to wait until someone’s office opens, contact us on (714) 643-8486. We are available on a 24/7 basis which ensures you can get the assistance you want, at the time you need it. Our website also provides even more valuable information.

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