Every Bail Bonds Company Must Be Licensed In Cypress

When you think of a bail bonds firm, what comes to mind? For a lot of people it is someone like Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his crew running around attempting to apprehend bad guys. Though this can happen on some occasions, normally, a bail bonds company is more about helping clients secure a release from custody, so they can continue on in their daily lives until their court appearance.

Cypress Bail Bonds is an experienced and very professional bail bonds firm that employs dedicated bail bond agents. Every client is treated on a case by case basis to suit their individual needs. We are fully licensed and operating within in the legal requirements as set down by the state of California. Before you deal with any bail bonds company, you should always ensure that they are fully licensed with the California State Department of Insurance, (DOI) and thus operating legally.

Bail bond fees are also regulated by the DOI, and are usually 10% of the total amount of bail. For example, if the bail has been set at $25,000, then the bail bond fee will be $2,500. It is illegal for a bail bonds company to charge less than this, so be very careful of any company advertising low percentage fees to lure clients in. Cypress Bail Bonds will always charge 10% as legally required, however, we are also willing to work in with our clients and their individual financial circumstances. We can offer payment plans and even a no money down for qualifying clients to get the release process started however, the 10% non refundable fee will have to be paid.

Any bail bonds company advertising 2%, or 5% bail bond fees, are not operating within the law of California, and should not be dealt with. If a bail bonds company is not operating legally then you have no guarantee that they will do the right thing by you or your family either.

Our firm will always put the needs of our clients first. This kind of dedication has given us the reputation of being the premium bail bonds company in Southern California. Working in with our clients to ensure the best possible services can be delivered, our great company has earned this prestigious reputation as well as the trust of the community.

So, should you find yourself or a loved one being in the position of being held in custody, call us immediately on (714) 643-8486. You do not have to wait until work hours as we are available on a 24/7 basis. Our website also contains more valuable information.